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Born of chayote (Sechium edule) a perennial cucurbit. The stem of the plant used for making paper, and treated beams are used in the manufacture of hats. Boiled, fried or reduced starch for preparing sweets, the roots, which are 25 inches deep, are also edible. The chayote is a vine that should be conducted by means of staking. With branches long and filament wound - the tendrils - develops well especially in places where the climate is mild. Frost or excessive heat may interfere with the budding and the successfulness of the fruit, which is also known as caxixe or machucho.

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HOME >>> The planting is done with chayote chuchus seed, fruits obtained in the plantation itself. To initiate a planting, look for more experienced producers, with matrices selected fruits and healthier. They must be well formed, originating from cultures uniforms, productive and free of pests and diseases.
ENVIRONMENT >>> The growing chayote fits best in areas with mild temperatures ranging between 15 º C and 25 º C. During the winter, the cold weather and frosts prevent the development of planting. The flower drop is caused by excessive heat and rainfall, and fungal diseases.
PLANTING >>> Shortly demanding solo, including being very tolerant to acidity, chayote has, however, productivity is higher when medium textured soils, loose and light, with good fertility or adequately fertilized. The plant does not tolerate excess water and soil must be well drained. Chuchus The seed should be planted after the pre-sprouting. To do so, are placed on the bed of earth in a shaded, ventilated, slightly damp, one beside the other. The mature seed have germinated in 15 days, but should only be planted when the bud reaches about 12 inches. Seat your chuchus seed in the furrow or pit without covering with soil, preventing rot. The mere contact with the ground causes rapid rooting.
>>> Trellis Plant cultivation is traditionally trellis (espalier) as the hanging fruit coloration become more desirable and are more visible at harvest. Build a trellis fence posts sticking firmly on the ground and spaced three feet apart to serve as a support wire flat wire numbers 12 or 16. Make a mesh of wires crossed to 1.80 meter above the ground, height facilitates the handling at planting. Beside each gatepost, chayote plant a seed germinated.
FERTILIZATION >>> To implement the culture, you need to have plenty of phosphorus, which favors the development of roots. You also need two sources of potassium. Fertilization coverage can be made monthly, especially when starting the growth and flowering of the main stem. In the case of maintaining the culture in the field for more than one year, applies a blanket of nitrogen and potassium before the new sprouting, which occurs in early spring.
CARE >>> Irrigation is essential to maintain good productivity greenery. The watering must occur furrow, whose location should be parallel to the planting, to allow wetness around each plant. It can also be installed in the sprinkler pipe end two meters from the ground. The drip system has been used more recently.
PRODUCTION >>> After planting the seed sprouted chayote, it takes 80-110 days to begin harvest. At the height of development of branches and fruit harvest may be required on alternate days, obtaining tender fruit and more suitable for commercialization.

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